Friday, August 12

Same Blazer, Different Day

same blazer different day (6)

same blazer different day (1)

same blazer different day (13)
jacket(as if you don't know by now): express, tank: j.crew, pants: old navy, shoes: aldo

If you were thinking "Hey hasn't she worn that blazer a lot lately?" The answer is yes, my friend. Three our of the last four outfit posts to be exact. I bought this jacket back in 2007 when I was a fresh-faced [almost] college graduate looking to land my first job. Then is sat in my closet. A lot. I mean who wants to wear a great jacket like this when they are vacuuming the interior of a rental car [not I.]. I recently, as in May, started wearing it again and I am obsessed. I realize I say that often, about may things, but seriously. I'm a fantasical. Remember? I get obsessed with things until something else breaks my laser focus. (Sidenote: I'm really learning a lot about myself now that I have my productivity personality down. It';s really quite telling.)

Anyway, in my Marketing class the other night my professor and I kind of debated the staying power of the "skinny jean". Long story how we even got there (a current event about Levi's) but I said that they were a staple, she called them a "fad" but then in the same breath argued that low rise jeans were indeed a staple.  My rebuttal was going to be that in the same way low rise jeans are a staple because their fit is more flattering, skinny jeans/pants create a flattering silhouette for many types of women and therefore if not already, will soon be a staple. I didn't say this rebuttal out loud because no one in the class appears to enjoy retail/fashion as much as I an the discussion had kind of derailed into a sidebar between me and my professor.

So with all that said, what are your deep philosophical thoughts on skinny jeans/pants? Fad or Staple?

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