Monday, August 8

I am a Fantasical

According to this Copyblogger post by Kristen Simmons, there are four productivity personalities: Fantastical, Structural , Analytical, Environmental.

I am a Fantastical.
"The Fantastical personality type is energized by wrestling with problems and coming up with creative solutions.They learn best by doing, and they have a tendency to lose track of time when they’re caught up in an interesting project.The most distinctive mark of a Fantastical, though, is that they need to have all the pieces of a project in front of them, otherwise they’ll forget it exists."
That is me to a "T". I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've started working on a project at work only to look-up and realize that I haven't gone to the bathroom all day, or that maybe I should have eaten lunch at one instead of three.

The downfall of this personality type is that I don't have an attention span for long-term projects (ahem, debt repayment). I like to start and finish my project in the same day and can often lose sight of my goals or just flat out forget about them over long periods of time.

So what does this mean for you?

If you are a fantastical like me, you need to keep your goals visible. Last October I made these handy goal cards that I keep on the bulletin board next to my desk. (I even added one for my student loans). Every day they remind what I am currently working for, financial freedom.


Oh and another thing, budgets don't always work for us Fantasticals. We are not fans of repetition (which explains why I hate cleaning the house every Sunday while SSF revels in it-- he is structural). To make your budget system a little more novel or easier to manage consider using an online program like Mint to automatically track and categorize your spending.

Not a fantastical? Find out what your productivity personality is here. Then you can use that information to figure out the most productive way to keep your financial goals in check. If you are stuctural like SSF, consider yourself lucky, according to the post you were built for most productivity systems.

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