Friday, August 5

Wedding Updates!

Oh man, has this week flown by. This always happens once I'm back in school again. Weeks fly by as if they were days. Sorry in advnce for my completely sporadic posting schedule from now until December (when I finally graduate!) But I digress. I realized the other day, after catching up on blogs and seeing the many girls that have gotten engaged, that I haven't blogged about my own wedding in awhile!

So where do I even start? Well as you may remember we settled on this amazing event home in the Outer Banks for our venue. There is enough rooms for a majority of our guests to stay the entire week.

I've also booked my DJ for a cool $200/hour (ouch).

A photographer for around $1800.

A taco bar for dinner with sangria, margaritas (my favorite), wine, or beer for my guests (my own) drinking pleasure. A trip to the Outer banks in Ocotber will help finalize the caterer.

And SSF picked out suspenders for his groomsmen.

It's not much, but we are getting there.

It hard to think about all the little details when we're still 14 months out from the actual day. It will probably be a lot easier to think about though when all the bills start rolling in.

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