Wednesday, September 7

Did I Mention it was My Birthday?

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top: gap; bolero: express; jeans: old navy; shoes: seychelles via dsw

I know, you are probably sick of hearing how it was my birthday on Sunday, but I had to throw it in there at least one more time. It is a day that comes but once a year. You understand. Right?

If you happened to stop by here on Sunday you may have noticed that SSF staged a little coup on my blog. He also planned a wonderful birthday that included brunch, shopping, and dinner at The Melting Pot (yum). He really knows the way to my heart (food and presents). It was an amazing day and the perfect opportunity to wear my gold brocade bolero that does not get out as often as it'd like. Here's to birthdays, and all of you wonderful readers/friends that wished me happy birthday. It means the world.

On another note, today is the official start to my last semester of grad school(yipee!). The only things that stand between me and a post graduate degree  are Business Strategy, Branding, and Social Media. With that said things could get a little weird around here. Consider this your warning. I may not post as frequently as you (or I) may like but I will do my best. Just bear with me through the 3 craziest months of my life... and then we dive head first into hardcore wedding planning. Sounds like fun right?

How was your holiday weekend?

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