Wednesday, July 14

helllllo grumpy pants

jeggings! (33)

jeggings! (40)

jeggings! (39)

jeggings! (43)

jeggings! (19)
Military Jacket-J.Crew also seen here& here; T-Shirt-Gap; Jeggings(!)-Gap; Shoes-Sofft via DSW

Well if you couldn't tell by the expression on my face I was not exactly feeling these pictures. It had started to rain,I had to bribe SSBF with a frosty (yes from Wendy's) to even take the pictures,oh and it was Monday. However, I was determined to take them because I was wearing my new jeggings from Gap. Now to be honest I hate the word jeggings, but there is no other way to describe these things. They are like butta. I haven't loved a pair of jeans so much since my Juicy Couture ones I splurged on 4 years ago (which are now relegated to around the house use thanks to holes in the legs that are slowly and surely creeping northward.)

Random thought-You guys must get sick of seeing the top of my head. My extremely well-defined part can not be of much interest to anyone, unless they have a scalp fetish. No offense to anyone with a scalp fetish but, thats weird.

Oh, and I love the mini mid summer obsession thats happening with military inspired pieces. Apparantly  Grace from the Flip Side of Oz and Calivintage sported similair items this week. Actually my outfit was eerily close to Calivintage's. Ok it was basically the same. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw her blog after I had taken my pictures. I feel included now, like when everyone wears the same Jeffery Campbell shoes.

I hope you are all having a good week. I have to say all the nice comments I've received over the last couple days have been amazing. You guys are too awesome. Now if only that awesomeness equated to me passing my final that is tomorrow. :)


  1. Do the Gap Jeggings fit true to size ? I want a pair !

  2. Those jeggings look fabulous. I may pop into Gap and have a go at them.

    And I commend you on pulling off green and red with nary a hint of Christmasness. All I see is bad. (You know, in the way it means good and not bad. Just to be clear.)

  3. i love the jacket! It looks so great but still relaxed.
    Really love your blog xxx

  4. I have a coupon for 40% off of a full-priced item at Gap, and now I know exactly what to use it on! Great outfit!

    BTW - I hate the word jeggings, too. I'm going to keep calling them "jean leggings" like Gap does :)

  5. Aaaahhh! I hate finals!! I hope you did okay! I love your outfit, I may have to try out those j-things :) Why am I not surprised that you and Erin are on the same wavelength? You have awesome style!!

  6. great post!

    have a nice day!!!

    check out my newest post:Car Chase Terror

  7. cute outfit! love the jcrew jacket and love your blog!


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