Monday, July 12

Oops I did it again

green floral and khakis (50)

green floral and khakis (25)

green floral and khakis (14)

green floral and khakis (18)

green floral and khakis (13)
shirt-NY&Co seen here & here, shorts-J.Crew outlet, floral shirt-j.crew, necklace-juicy couture, rings-gifted

Last week it was stripes, now it's all about the button downs. I know some of these pictures are kind of random. I was feeling the more candid ones that SSBF snapped as opposed to the ones I attempted to look indifferent in. The clothes just looked better when I was doing something natural like walking, or staring at the cars that were pulling into the otherwise abandoned high school parking lot on a Saturday afternoon. There was quite a few of them. I didn't realize how popular high school parking lots were!

How was everyone's weekend? It was raining here on Saturday so SSBF and I did some cleaning around the house. We are slowly getting it ready for some friends that will be visiting at the end of the month. I can not wait until the end of July, it's going to a whirlwind of activity flowing right in to when we leave for the Outer Banks in August! hooray for vacation!  

We also went to the mall to find SSBF a pair of flat front shorts. Warning: Gap's prefall line is a budget disaster waiting to happen. We went in for shorts and came out with 8 other items, including the most fantastic pair of jeggings I've ever tried on. I am so proud of them for finally stepping up their game. The Gap brand has been so hit or miss lately I can't remember the last time I left there with a desire to buy one of everything in the store. Until Saturday that is.

This weekend also marked the start of my credit card ban. I am so nervous. I only have $180 to spend until August 11th. I cut my amount down drastically from the inital $250. I'm pushing myself to really limit my spending until we go on vacation. Normally we try to spend as little as possible on vacation but this year we really want to go bananas since it will be our last year down there. We are thinking about doing a segway tour through Back Country Outfitters & Guides to the Spanish Mustang Reserve! How cool!

That's still 4 weeks out though. The point is I have $45 from now until the end of the week. I'm starting the Spending Diary feature back up so I will let you know how it goes :)


  1. Popped collar, holler. I love it! The layering is really good, too. A great mix of colors and prints and levels of casual.

  2. I love this look. The belt, the layering, EVERYTHING.

  3. Just wanted to leave a little note of encouragement that you can do it as far as not using your credit cards. I wrapped mine in a post it note and covered it in packing tape. I then wrote in Sharpie NO! on it. That's how I stopped using my credit cards!

  4. I love this look and I think all the pictures look awesome, you look great in them! Again, your blog is a necessary reminder that I mustn't shop like a fool if I want to have food to eat every day, haha, so authentic and realistic :)


  5. You hair looks freakin' awesome!! And I need to take makeup lessons from you, you always look so fierce!! The Outer Banks are so amazing, I wish I was going with you :)

  6. love your blog and love this look!!! & the gap jeggings are amazing!!! xoox

  7. Girl, I love this so much!!! The layers with the belt and your hair..amazing!!

  8. the love the belt over the jacket and the yellow under the blue :)

    Anna Katrina

  9. Uh-oh. Thanks for the warning! I'm a Gap-aholic, and I could spend all my money there without blinking. Appreciated!

  10. I love these pictures! They kind of remind me as if your a famous person :P


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